Tasmanian Team announced for 2022 Australian Gymnastics Championships

Gymnastics Tasmania will be sending a team of 50 athletes to the Gold Coast for the 2022 Australian Gymnastics Championships from the 12- 23 May to compete in a range of both National and International competition across three gymsports – Women’s Artistic, Men’s Artistic and Trampoline Gymnastics.

International Senior Women’s Trampolinist, Amber French, will lead the Tasmanian cohort at the Opening Ceremony as the Gymnastics Tasmania flagbearer. The Women’s International Trampoline team, which also includes Madison McCulloch and Avah Hughes, is the first ever Trampoline team to represent the state at the pinnacle event for gymnastics in Australia. 

Tasmania will also be strongly represented in the Men’s International Trampoline event, with senior gymnasts Matthew French, Patrick Schluter and Damien Axelson, and juniors, Leuca McCloud with reserve, Billy French.

The International Men’s Double Mini Trampoline will also be well represented through 2021 National Champions Leuca Mcleod and Callum O’Sullivan, alongside, Matthew French, Tristan Styles and reserve Rohan Wilcox. The International Men’s Tumbling Team will feature also Tristan Styles, accompanied by Jacob Smith and Sam Leary.

A strong team of 7 Women’s Artistic gymnasts will take on the rest country, lead by Grace Gaby. Whereas for our Men’s Artistic team, which features regining Overall State Champion Jude Coburn from Kingborough Gymsports and is being lead by Ethan Loring. The Tasmanian representatives will travel to the Gold Coast from May 9, ahead of two weeks of competition. The full list of representatives can be found below. 

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2022 Australian Gymnastics Championships Team

Team Captains:
WAG - Grace Gaby
MAG - Ethan Loring
TRP International - Matthew French and Patrick Schluter
TRP National Levels - James Sonneveld and Dylan Crack

Flag Bearer (Opening Ceremony) - Amber French (TRP International)

Trampoline Team

International Men's
Matthew French, Patrick Schluter, Damien Axelsen, Leuca Mcleod, Reserve – Billy French

International Women's

Amber French, Madison McCulloch, Avah Hughes

International Men's Double Mini Trampoline (DMT)

Matthew French, Callum O’Sullivan, Leuca McLeod, Tristan Styles, Reserve – Rohan Wilcox

International Mens Tumbling
Jacob Smith, Sam Leary, Tristan Styles

Women's Artistic Gymnastics

Allie Hardimon, Emma Bray, Grace Gaby, Hayley Desmond, Maggie White, Tayla Crack, Teah Williams, Thea Dobie

Men's Artistic Gymnastics

Ethan Loring, Jude Coburn, Kaelem Welsh, William Morgan