(Media Release 2 March 2020)

Gymnastics Tasmania welcomes the announcement of Gymnastics inclusion in the Derwent Entertainment Centre (DEC) and Wilkinson’s point development.

The announcement of four courts that will be built in the DEC, servicing a range of sports, including gymnastics, netball, volleyball, futsal and basketball is one that is welcomed by Gymnastics Tasmania as part of an overall strategic imperative to provide more facilities where all Tasmanians benefit in terms of physical literacy, preventative health and the motivational and inspirational foundation for life that gymnastics offers.

Gymnastics Tasmania sees the inclusion of gymnastics in this proposed development as vital in capitalising on a period of strong growth. Inclusion of gymnastics in multisport facilities has a demonstrated ability to provide a return on investment and high participation and utilisation per square metre and represents a sound decision to be included in this project.

"Gymnastics Tasmania is committed to working with Government and commercial partners at all levels alongside our local clubs to develop new and improved facilities state-wide. The proposed development in Glenorchy is an integral part of our Facilities Strategy and the 2018-2021 Gymnastics in Tasmania Strategic Plan.” Gymnastics Tasmania President Leigh Oswin said.

“Investment like this builds upon the strong foundations the Gymnastics community has grown over recent years and reflects the value of gymnastics in our local communities.”

5,905 Tasmanians were athlete members of Gymnastics Tasmania in 2019, with many more benefiting from casual participation.