Rebooting Gymnastics- Gymnastics Tasmania

Gymnastics Tasmania is continuing to monitor the latest announcements and guidelines as they relate to our pathway back to sport and gymnastics.

Gymnastics Tasmania has produced it's COVID-19 Framework (downloadable below) for gymnastics based on Tasmania’s Plan to Rebuild a Stronger Tasmania. The Plan has three Stages to ease COVID-19 restrictions to support the health and safety of all Tasmanians.

The Plan refers to the Australian Institute of Sport Framework for Rebooting Sport (AIS Framework) as the guiding document for resuming sport and recreation in Tasmania, although there will be some instances where Tasmania’s approach varies from the AIS Framework.

The AIS Framework specifies activities for community and individual sports according to the level of restrictions currently in place. Tasmanian sporting organisations should familiarise themselves with the activities at the different levels.

Sport Australia have released a tool kit to assist clubs in formulating return to sport plans.

Clubs should develop their own specific COVID-19 Safety Plan that complies with COVID-19 minimum standards.

Restrictions timeline for sport and recreation in Tasmania

Easing of restrictions will be assessed by Public Health Services throughout each stage. The three stages apply to sport and recreation activities in Tasmania can be found here.

Gymnastics and gymnastics clubs as an indoor sport, operating in indoor facilities is classified by Tasmanian Health Services as Stage 2 – from 15 June 2020 (subject to advice from Public Health Services).

Under Stage 2;

  • Gymnastics activities may commence for up to 20 attendees (excluding coaches/staff, in alignment with Level B, in the AIS Framework).
  • For all gymnastics clubs, multiple groups of 20 people can use the same venue so long as they are separate groups and allow 4 square metres of space available per attendee. Attendees must also maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres from each other.
  • Gymnastics Clubs need to consider their physical environment and total venue space when determining maximum group numbers in facilities.

Stage Three – from 13 July 2020 (subject to advice from Public Health Services)

A future return to full sporting activity (indoors and outdoors) in alignment with the AIS framework will be considered, based on advice from Public Health Services and Gymnastics Tasmania will provide detailed further advice around this in consultation with Tasmanian Public Health Services.

As more information comes to hand, we will update this page. 

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