Life Members 

There is only one category of Life Membership and the award shall be restricted to those whose association with GA extends for a lengthy period (at least ten (10) consecutive years or twelve (12) years of broken service of no more than two (2) breaks), at a national level and whose service to gymnastics is worthy of the highest honour. Service to GA may be as an athlete, coach, official or administrator.


Harry Morris* (VIC)

Bill Wilson* (NSW)

Jack Carey* (VIC)

Jim Brown* (NSW)

Brennon Dowrick (QLD)

Jim Thompson (SA)

Lance Otto (SA)

Val Beitzel* (VIC)

Frances Crampton (NSW)

Steve Chetkovich (WA)

Jim Barry (VIC)

Ken Williamson (VIC/ACT)

Anne Bigham (SA)

Bob Wherrett (TAS)

Daren Gillis (QLD)

Jeff Cheales (QLD)

Margaret Lanz (VIC)

Murray Chessell (VIC)

Helen Colagiuri (NSW)


George Tatai OAM (VIC)

Teresa Evans (SA)

Jill Wright (VIC)

Daren Wolfe (QLD)


Karon Williams (WA)

Grant Harrison (SA)

Kym Dowdell (QLD)

Tim Quinlivan (QLD)


Robyn Pride (NSW)

Paul Szyjko (SA)

Peggy Liddick (VIC)

Kathleen Graham (QLD)


Trampoline Gymnastics:

Mervin McKay* (VIC)

Sydney Hurle* (VIC)

Ian Irvine* (NSW)

Ernest Blamires (NSW)

Len Ransom (QLD)

Fred Austine* (NSW)

Kay Stevenson (SA)