The 2021 Junior State and RG Championships was the biggest gymnastics competition Tasmania has seen to date this year. With around 300 gymnasts showcasing the upcoming talent from Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Levels 3-6, Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Levels 3-5 and Rhythmic Gymnastics Levels 3-8. An optional WAG Level 7-10 and MAG Level 7-9 competitions were held in conjunction with the JNR State/RG State Championships.

All Gymsports were well attended with the crowd cheering on competitors across the three Gymsports and levels throughout the weekend.  Medals were awarded for both Team and Individual events.

State Champions were awarded across all Levels, with the WAG Level 3,4 and 5 being split into age group categories due to the large numbers of competitors.

State Champions were presented their awards by judges from their gymsport as well as Amy Robertson, GT Board President.

Along with the State Champion awards, Gymnastics Tasmania awards were also presented:


Woodhouse Trophy – awarded to the top Women’s Gymnastics Club by combining team scores across all levels from the Junior and Senior Championships. Won by Kingborough Gymsports.

Andrewartha Award – awarded to a gymnast who during State Championships demonstrates a floor routine that is exceptional in terms of artistry of presentation, choreography and entertainment value. Won by Evie Farrell (Eastside Gymnastics Academy)

State Champions Overall MAG:

Level 3 – Caleb Chalk (Kingborough Gymsports)

Level 4 – Jordy Meos (Kingborough Gymsports)

Level 5 –  Max Rappley (Kingborough Gymsports)

MAG Team

Level 3 – Kingborough Gymsports

Level 4 – Kingborough Gymsports

Level 7-10 Optional Competition – Gold Medal

Level 7 Open – Jude Coburn (Kingborough Gymsports)

Level 8 – Archie McKenna (Kingborough Gymsports)

Level 9 – Kalen Robey (Kingborough Gymsports)

State Champions Overall WAG:

Level 3

Overall Level 3 State Champion – Sasha Curtayne (Eastside Gymnastics Academy)

8 Years and Under –  Sasha Curtayne (Eastside Gymnastics Academy)

9-10 Years – Azaria Moore (Eastside Gymnastics Academy)

11 Years and Over – Ella Coomber (Kingborough Gymsports)

Team – Eastside Gymnastics Academy

Level 4

Overall Level 4 State Champion -  Amber Piggin (Hobart Gymnastics Club)

9 Years and Under –  Samantha Donnolley (Zodiacs Gymnastics Club)

10-11 Years –  Amber Piggin (Zodiacs Gymnastics Club)

12 Years and Over – Isabella Skirving (Launceston PCYC Gymnastics Club)

Team – Zodiacs Gold

Level 5

Overall Level 5 State Champion – Keira Harding (Kingborough Gymsports)

11 Years and Under –  Keira Harding (Kingborough Gymsports)

12 Years and Over – Haylee Geeves (Eastside Gymnastics Academy)

Team – Kingborough Gold

Level 6

Overall Level 6 State Champion – Erin Harding (Kingborough Gymsports)

13 Years and Under –  Erin Harding (Kingborough Gymsports)

13 Years and Over – Lucy Dalco (Kingborough Gymsports)

Team – Kingborough Red

Level 7-10 Optional Competition – Gold Medal

Level 7 – Teah Williams (Devonport Gymnastics Club)

Level 8 – Zoe Gray (Hobart Gymnastics Academy)

Level 9 – Jayella Banks (Eastside Gymnastics Academy)


State Champions RG:

Individual Overall

Level 3 – Abigial Woolley (Eastside Gymnastics Academy)

Level 4 – Olivia Lai (Hobart PCYC Gymnastics Club)

Level 5 – Bethany Woolley (Eastside Gymnastics Academy)

Level 7 – Ella Johnson (Spectrum Rhythmic Gymnastics)

Level 8 – Alyssa Lee (Spectrum Rhythmic Gymnastics)