Gymnastics Tasmania Gymsport Committee announcements

Gymnastics Tasmania is pleased to announce the Gymsport Committees for the 2022-2023 term.

Anke Moncur - Technical Chair             
Hannah Doody - Judging Coordinator
Kara Lawler * - Coaching Coordinator
Leanne Lillico - General Member (Mentor)
Baylie Woolley * - Development Coordinator
Alyssa Gardner - General Member (Mentor)
Ellen-Jane Hickey - General Member


Kodee Voss - Technical Chair
Samuel Whittle - Judging Coordinator
Lars Becker - Coaching Coordinator

Mardi Eaton - Technical Chair
Dominic Mole - Judging Coordinator
Ella Johnson - Development Coordinator
Mary Nichols - Coaching Coordinator                      
Stephanie Lawson * - General Member

Ben Kelly - Technical Chair
Jack Penny - Judging Coordinator
Alison Morgan - Coaching Coordinator (TRP/DMT)
Leanne Knibbs - Coaching Coordinator (TUM)
Joanne Penny - Development Coordinator
Maggie Smolinski - General Member
Ludmila Vitesnikova - General Member
Rose Bowerman - General Member

The Gymsport Committees play an important role in the development, education and ongoing growth of their chosen gymsport.

Congratulations to all appointed members.