The 2018 Junior State and RG Championships was the biggest gymnastics competition Tasmania has seen to date this year. With over 350 athletes showcasing the upcoming talent from Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Levels 3-5, Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Levels 3-5 and Rhythmic Gymnastics Levels 3-8. An optional WAG Level 6-8 and MAG Level 7 competition was held in conjunction with the JNR
State Championships. Tasmanian gymnasts were joined by gymnasts from PIT Gymnastics in Victoria – a long standing friendship between the club and Gymnastics Tasmania dating back many years. 

All Gymsports were well attended with the crowd cheering on competitors across the three Gymsports and levels throughout the weekend. Medals were awarded for both Team and Individual events.

State Champions were awarded across all Levels, with the WAG Level 3,4 and 5 being split into age group categories due to the large numbers of competitors.

Rhythmic Gymnastics held their first ever Multiples competition, showcasing groups in the State Championships.

State Champions were presented their awards by a number of VIPs, including: The HON Jacqui Petrusma MP, Alison Standen - Member for Franklin, Steve Wass – Mayor of Kingborough, Sue Bastowe – Kingborough Council Member, GTAS Board Members – Amy Robertson and Peter Doody and Kingborough Gymnastics Association and Clarence Association Committee Members.

Along with the State Champion awards, a number of Gymnastics Tasmania awards were also presented:


The Shell Trophy – awarded to the club that has the highest scores across both the Junior and Senior Championships. Won by Kingborough Gymsports.

The Dorrington-Hargreaves Trophy – a team event between PIT Gymnastics and Gymnastics Tasmania, where scores are combined as a team at each level to reach an overall score. Won by Gymnastics Tasmania.


Woodhouse Trophy – awarded to the top Women’s Gymnastics Club by combining team scores across all levels from the Junior and Senior Championships. Won by Kingborough Gymsports

Andrewartha Award – awarded to a gymnast who during State Championships demonstrates a floor routine that is exceptional in terms of artistry of presentation, choreography and entertainment value. Won by Aimee Duguid (Devonport Gymnastics Club)

State Champions Overall MAG:

Level 3 – Jarlu Reynolds (Kingborough Gymsports)

Level 4 – Archie McKenna (Kingborough Gymsports)

Level 5 –Jayden Filleul (Launceston PCYC)

Level 7 Optional Event – Gold Medal

Harry Driessen (Kingborough Gymsports)


State Champions Overall WAG:

Level 3

8 Years and Under – Evie Hooker (Hobart PCYC)

9 Years – Jocelyn McShane (Kingborough Gymsports)

10 Years – Jessica Kemp (Clarence Gymsports)

11 Years and Over – Miela Dawborn (Kingborough Gymsports)

Overall Level 3 State Champion – Evie Hooker (Hobart PCYC)

Team - Kingborough Gymsports (Red)

Level 4

8 Years and Under - Poppy Tunstall (Kingborough Gymsports)

9 Years - Zola Case-Boag (Hobart PCYC)

10 Years - Angelica Cowling (Hobart PCYC)

11 Years - Georgie Hansen (Kingborough Gymsports)

12 Years and Over – Noelle Harradine (Kingborough Gymsports)

Overall Level 4 State Champion -Zola Case-Boag (Hobart PCYC)

Team - Hobart PCYC (Black)

Level 5

10 Years and Under – Ambilly Miley (Clarence Gymsports)

11 & 12 Years – Abbey Butler (Hobart Gymnastics Academy)

13 Years and Over – Kirsten Berkhout (Kingborough Gymsports)

Overall Level 5 State Champion – Kirsten Berkhout (Kingborough Gymsports)

Team - Kingborough Gymsports (Gold)

Level 6-8 Optional Competition – Gold Medal

Level 6 – Amelia Lang (Kingborough Gymsports)

Level 7 – Alana Langlois (Clarence Gymsports)

Level 8 - Olivia Kelly (Devonport Gymnastics Club)


State Champions RG:


Category 1 Groups – Olivia, Freya, Lana, Yoyo (Hobart PCYC)

Category 1 Trios – Lana, Freya, Annabelle

Category 2 Groups – Amalie, Ellen, Lucy, Amelia

Category 2 Trios – Isabella, Belinda, Anna

Category 3 Groups – Felicity, Isabella, Belinda, Lucy

Category 3 Trios – Felicity, Isabella, Belinda

Category 4 Trios – Felicity, Gabrielle, Clara

Individual Overall

Level 3 – Isla Lee (Spectrum RG)

Level 4 – Isabella Finnila (Hobart PCYC)

Level 5 – Gabrielle Beamont (Hobart PCYC)

Level 6 – Felicity Carter (Hobart PCYC)

Level 7 – Alyssa Lee (Spectrum RG)

   Level 8 – Clara Lewis (Hobart PCYC)

Congratulations to all you assisted and participated in the State Championships. What a great showcase for gymnastics talent in Tasmania!