The GTAS 2017 Annual Awards are NOW OPEN for nominations. Nominations for 2017 will be via the online nomination form – one for club nominations and one for individual nominations.

Club Award Nomination Form

Individual Award Nomination Form

For 2017, the award structure has changed slightly and will now include Clubs Awards and  Individual Awards. Awards will be finalised by the end of December and presented at the GTAS 2017 Annual Award Dinner on Saturday 3rd February, 2018. Keep this date FREE!

For more detail on the award categories, please see the attached GTAS Award Policy. (This is also available on the GTAS website).

Club Awards

  1. Club Promotion Commendation
  2. Club Facility Development Commendation
  3. Staff Engagement and Mentoring Commendation
  4. Community Engagement Commendation 
  5. Community Grants Commendation 
  6. Maureen Norris General Gymnastics Award


Individual Awards

  1. Volunteer Award
  2. Gymsport Official Awards
    1. GfA Coach of the Year
    2. MAG Official of the Year
    3. WAG Official of the Year
    4. RG Official of the Year
    5. TRP Official of the Year
  3. Gymsport Athlete Awards (No nominations required - based on each gymsport's criteria through the Gymsport Committees)
    1. MAG Gymnast of the Year
    2. WAG Gymnast of the Year
    3. RG Gymnast of the Year
    4. TRP Gymnast of the Year
  4. Bob Wherret Individual Award


NOMINATIONS CLOSE AT COB ON FRIDAY 10TH NOVEMBER – please fill in the online form. Any additional information you wish to provide for your nomination you can email to

Club Award Nomination Form

Individual Award Nomination Form

(Adobe PDF File)