Spin to Win at the AIS

6 GTAS gymnasts attended the recent Spin to Win Camp at the AIS in Canberra - Grace Gaby (Zodiacs); Alex Thompson, Lily Knowles, Lilly Sheuker-Rush and Ellie Higginbotham (KG). They were accompanied by their coaches - Leah Englund, Kodee Voss and Sarah Kaica.

Spin to Win is an innovative GA project that assists clubs by:

  • Involving clubs in an appropriate level of the talent pathway

  • Providing opportunities through camps and clinics for talented children to be identified

  • Stream lining procedures to access talent from scouting at competitions

  • Assisting local gymnastics clubs to form partnerships with high performance centres

  • Co-branding talent search opportunities, including providing various promotional materials

The Spin to Win camp was aimed at Level 7+ MAG and WAG gymnasts. Australian Team coaches, Stacey Umeh, Tae Tyrrell and Misha Barabach were in attendance and all gymnasts were able to work with them during the camp.
World Champions / Olympic representative Lauren Mitchell & Phillipe Rizzo were also on hand and added to the camp presenting workshops on a variety of topics.

The gymnasts stayed at the Athletes residence and were able to utilise AIS resources such as the recovery centre.

What a great experience for our up and coming talent in Tassie!

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