GTAS 2017 RG State Squad – Final Selection

On recommendation of the RG State Squad Selection Committee, the RG Gymsport Committee advises the following gymnasts have accepted their offer of a place in the Tasmanian RG State Squad for 2017 in the following squads:

 National Squad 

  1. Clara Lewis                Hobart PCYC Gymnastics Club
  2. Angel Ashby               Spectrum Rhythmic Gymnastics
  3. Emily Roberts            Hobart Gymnastics Academy
  4. Hannah Donovan      Spectrum Rhythmic Gymnastics
  5. Gabrielle Beament    Riverside Gymnastics Club
  6. Felicity Carter            Hobart PCYC Gymnastics Club
  7. Ella Johnson               Spectrum Rhythmic Gymnastics
  8. Alyssa Lee                  Spectrum Rhythmic Gymnastics
  9. Makayla Dolliver       Hobart Gymnastics Academy

Talent ID Squad 

  1. Ellen Matar                Hobart PCYC Gymnastics Club
  2. Penelope Slamen       Hobart PCYC Gymnastics Club
  3. Olivia Neubauer        Hobart PCYC Gymnastics Club
  4. Lily Roach                  Hobart Gymnastics Academ

The RG State Squads aim to:

  • ​Identify gymnasts with potential to excel in RG and contribute to National and International events
  • develop a base from which to draw gymnasts who will represent Tasmania in individual as well as multiple/group competition
  • provide squad gymnasts with a skill development program in addition to their club program
  • provide squad gymnasts with interstate event and training opportunity
  • provide interested squad gymnasts the opportunity to work in multiples and groups
  • promote growth within the RG community
  • provide educational and updating opportunities for RG coaches

Congratulations girls on your selection into the State Squad.