(Media Release 09 May 2019)

Greens’ Pledge $500, 000 to Clarence Gymnastics Association

Gymnastics Tasmania is delighted that the Australian Greens have pledged $500, 000 towards the Clarence Gymnastics Association’s project to build a purpose-built Gymnastics Facility on Hobart’s eastern shore as part of their
fully-costed election commitment to Tasmania.

The Greens’ are pleased to support this project with 40 per cent of children In Tasmania not getting the physical activity level recommended by Australian Physical Activity guidelines, along with around 80 per cent of adolescents and 70 per cent of adults, the flow-on public health benefits of such a project are also significant and worthwhile.

The completion of the facility will enable the Clarence Gymnastics Association to grow from 600 members to 1200 members. It will also create new and expanded job opportunities for coaches and administrators in the local area.

“The completion of the facility will enable us to offer the fantastic fundamental movement benefits of gymnastics to more participants in the Clarence area, especially females, children and young people” Clarence Gymnastics Association President Gary Pitchford said.

Gymnastics Tasmania sees this funding support as vital to capatalise on a period of strong membership growth and will be seeking matched election commitments to ensure the facility is completed.

"Gymnastics Tasmania is committed to working with Government at all levels and local clubs to develop new and improved facilities state-wide. The completion of the facility in Clarence is an integral step in our Facilities Strategy and 2018-2021 Gymnastics in Tasmania Strategic Plan.” Gymnastics Tasmania President Leigh Oswin said.

“Investment like this builds upon the strong foundations the Gymnastics community has been growing over recent years and works to capitalise on our unprecedented growth trajectory in recent years.” 

Gymnastics Tasmania’s membership grew strongly to 6281 in 2018 its 13th year of consecutive growth and has identified the Clarence region as a growth opportunity. Gymnastics helps provide positive physical activity and health outcomes of Tasmanians especially teaching lifelong fundamental movement skills to Tasmanian children. Details of nearest Tasmanian clubs can be found here.