Record Family attendance at National Clubs Carnival

The National Clubs Carnival was held in Bendigo in September. All 7 gymsports were represented, and the structure of events allows for wide club and family involvement.

The Eastside Activity Centre Trampoline Team demonstrated their family involvement with 6 family members attending the 2016 event. Dad,

Greg Harvey attended as club's coach and judge and all five children competed in the trampoline events.

 Aaron, who is currently in Melbourne studying a Bachelor of Sports Science and coaching at Keilor Gymnastics Club also took part as a judge and coach.

 All 5 Harvey gymnasts competed across levels from 4-7. Aaron – Level 7, Joshua – Level 6, and Ashleigh, James and Bethany – Level 4.

 Mum, Felicity Harvey is also a keen coach having qualifications in TRP, WAG, GFA, KinderGym and Tumbling. Unfortunately she was unable to make the event this year. Will we see all 7 Harvey family members at the 2017 National Clubs Carnival?

 Congratulations to the Harvey family for showing how the sport of gymnastics can embrace the whole family, both as gymnasts and/or officials.