TRP Gymsport Committee

Within Tasmania TRP is managed by a Gymsport Committee (GC) comprising the Technical Chair and up to six other members. This committee organises the calendar of events and maintains a set of technical regulations which control the various competitions and gradings.

The GC is also responsible for providing education for TRP coaches and judges, through clinics and judges courses, so that updating opportunities are available to all.

2022-2023 Trampoline Gymnastics Gymsport Committee [email protected]

Technical Director         Ben Kelly  
Judging Coordinator Jack Penny
Coaching Coordinator (TRP/DMT) Alison Morgan  
Coaching Coordinator (TUM) Leanne Knibbs  
Development Co-ordinator Joanne Penny  
General Member Maggie Smolinski
General Member Rose Bowerman  
General Member Ludmila Vitesnikova

For further information about Gymsport Committee please refer to the Gymsport Committee Bylaw .