Its finally here! The 2018 GTAS Professional Development Congress and Information Booklet has been released today.

The information booklet contains the program, presenter information, workshop descriptions and costings. The accompanying registration form outlines the sessions and the payment option for you to book into the workshops.

For 2018, the Professional Development Congress will run over two days from the 3-4 February and includes a variety of workshops with the focus not only for gymsports and coaches, but encompassing club adminstration as well as health and wellbeing sessions.

For 2018 we have Dima Kachan from the Kachan School of Tumbling and Performance as our National Presenter. Many of our other PD Congress presenters are  from our local Tassie clubs - a wealth of knowledge and experience from our very own shores! See the information booklet for more information on all the workshops on offer.

Please note that the closing date for early registrations is Monday 22nd January, with a late fee to apply after that date.

GTAS looks forward to seeing you all the the Professional Development Congress in 2018!


Late Addition to the Program!
Unfortunately Robyn Tribe (FreeG for Kids workshops) is no longer able to be at the GTAS PD Congress.
Ben Cork will be joining GTAS instead to take the FreeG for Kids sessions. He will also be the guest speaker at the GTAS 2017 Annual Awards Dinner. Have a read about Ben below:

Learn a little about Ben and his passion for GfA from the interview below with NSW Gymanstics:
Club Independent, currently GFA Senior Performance Team coach
Gymsport GFA – previously MG/WG/KG/ACRO
How did you first enter the world of gymnastics? 
I joined the youth club at my Nan’s local RSL club. Stayed there for thirteen years before starting out as a coach.
What gymsports have you competed in? 
Tell us about a time you did something you never thought you would do because of gymnastics: 
I’ve exited through customs with ‘Acrobat’ listed as my occupation. 
Why do you love GFA? 
I love GFA because it is where I started, and it’s a place where I have always been welcomed. It’s flexible enough to accept my injuries, my work commitments, my fears, my weaknesses. I want every club and every athlete  to have the opportunities that I’ve had through involvement in GFA.
What made you want to be involved with GFA? 
I was involved in GFA from 4 years old. I came back to GFA because I wanted to be more creative and fun. Competitive programs were becoming too stressful.
What is your favourite skill or apparatus?  
I really like the performance aspect of GFA. Being up in front of a big crowd in another country is such a rush. And it is amazing to watch all the other routines from around the world.
What do you like doing when you’re not doing gym? 
When is that?

Make sure you join Ben and learn how GfA can help to transition gymnasts from ‘mainstream’ gymnastics into other areas within your club, and retain gymnasts who might otherwise venture on different paths.

National Presenter – Dima Kachan


Director/Head Tumbling Coach/ High Performance/ Club Program Coordinator at

the Kachan School of Tumbling and Performance.


Dima began tumbling and trampoline at the age of 6 when he was scouted from a playground in his home town of Gomel in Belarus. He began attending one of the country’s best full time sport schools and by the age of 13 he had attained his ‘Master of Sport’ in Tumbling.

 At 16, Dima chose to further his skills and joined the world renowned ‘Great Moscow Circus’. For the next 5 years Dima toured all over Russia and Europe performing in a variety of acrobatic numbers such as Russian Bar, Russian Swing and other Tumbling Troupes. After meeting his Aussie wife Rebecca abroad, they decided to move to Australia in 2008 and Dima has been coaching Gymnastics and Tumbling since then.

 In 2009 they opened KSTP with just 12 students. Now 8 years on the club has grown to around 350 members and his squad which is ever growing is now the NSW High Performance Tumbling Program with KSTP being recognized as a Centre of Excellence. He is a full time coach/club owner and dedicates each day to further developing and improving his programs and his gym, which has been purpose built and designed by himself to produce elite level tumblers and equipped tumbling coaches.

 Dima now holds an Advanced Silver tumbling accreditation, Advanced tramp and Dmt accreditation and is an advanced level judge. As Dima has gained more education and knowledge through endless amounts of research into this sport, his programs are now so involved and sophisticated to where more and more of his gymnasts are moving into the Age/International stream each year. At KSTP it’s not just about teaching skills and techniques but also the psychology of coaching and how to create great long term athletes.

 Dima’s gymnasts have found fame on the world stage at the World Trampoline and Tumbling Championships, with gold medal winning performances.

 Dima’s goal at KSTP is not to only produce tumbling champions, but to enhance children’s lives through involvement in this sport by adopting a healthy goal oriented attitude towards everything they do, be it sport, school or work, he teaches children to always strive to be their best .He believes that once a child has reached their full potential they can become champions.