Board of Directors & Gymsport Committees



Leigh Oswin

Vice President

Mark Moncur


Peter Doody


Michelle McFayden


Alison Fletcher


Robert Riddell


Kacee Johnstone


Amanda Bailey

Finance, Risk and Audit Committee

The Finance, Risk and Audit Committee is appointed by the Gymnastics Tasmania Board (the Board) and assists in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities relating to developing financial and risk management policies
to ensure financial and risk management processes performed within GTAS adhere to good business practice and statutory compliance requirements with agreed and acceptable risk.


Mark Moncur


Peter Doody


Amanda Bailey

Gymsport Committees

Gymnastics Tasmania acknowledges the support of volunteer committees who, with the assistance of the State Administration Manager, manage the technical and event logistic aspects of the Gymsports. 

Currently there are five Gymsport Committees.  

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics

Technical Chair Kodee Voss
Judging Coordinator Samuel Whittle
Coaching Coordinator Position available
Development Coordinator Lars Becker
General Member
Jordan Green
 General Member Blythe Tait

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

Technical Chair Anke Moncur
Judging Coordinator Nyssa Hamer
Coaching Coordinator Leah Englund
Development Coordinator Position available
General Member Leanne Lillico
General Member Janelle Chilcott

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Technical Chair Mardi Eaton
Judging Coordinator Domenic Mole
Coaching Coordinator Nicola Oliver
Development Coordinator Melinda Thomas 
General Member Position available

Trampoline Gymnastics 

Technical Chair Ben Kelly 
Judging Coordinator Jack Penny
Coaching Coordinator Alison Morgan
Development Coordinator Pip Hedley
General Member Greg Harvey
General Member Fiona Buckingham
Volunteer Coordinator Ludmila Vitesnikova

Gymnastics for All 

 Technical Chair  Maggie Smolinski
 Coaching Coordinator  Zac Partridge
 Development Coordinator  Jane Johnson
 General Member  Gideon Cordover
 General Member  Deb Buckland

Please continue to support your sport, Club and the Gymsport Committees to ensure athletes have the best possible gymnastics experience.

For further information about the roles and responsibilities of the Gymsport Committees, visit the respective Gymsport's 'Gymsport Committee' web page.

These Gymsport Committees are coordinated by the State Administration Manager  Naomi Hirst.